Classrooms and Conference Rooms

The Ocean Center offers a variety of facilities that can be used for classes, conferences, lectures, and meetings.
All facilities are air-conditioned and have 55 inch plasma screens that can be connected to a computer or any other digital media, with an option for a projector.
All facilities are near restrooms and are wheelchair accessible.
Most of the facilities have wireless Internet.

Refreshments and hot drinks can be ordered during use of these facilities, in addition to meals at the Ocean Center dining hall.


3 equipped classrooms suitable for 25-30 people per classroom.

Conference Rooms:

At the Haim Rubin House of the Ocean Center, there is a luxurious high-quality conference room equipped with all necessities including wireless Internet and media equipment.

Bet Gil Club:

An auditorium for teaching or meetings for up to 40 people, including wireless Internet and media equipment.

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