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Gyms and Sports Facilities

The Caesarea Ocean Center boasts a large number of gyms and sports facilities suitable for al sports activities.
Some facilities are indoors and some outdoors.

Outdoor facilities:
  • A mini-pitch: a multi-purpose sports court for various kinds of sports, with baskets, goals, etc. Synthetic grass surface.
  • Outdoor basketball court for children to practice.
  • Expansive lawns, some with synthetic grass for free play.


Yushu Gym:
A large, air-conditioned gymnasium with a high-quality parquet floor, regulation baskets – most of which are electrically adjustable, 100 bleacher seats, electric gym partition, sound system, and more.

Basketball: Regulation court as well as a practice court.
Team handball: regulation court.
Volleyball/netball: 3 courts can be simultaneously used.
Martial arts: 400 sq. m. of quality Tatami mats.
Rhythmic gymnastics: Height of gym is 10m, making it suitable for rhythmic gymnastics.
Other activities: Dance, folk dancing, yoga and much, much more.
Yushu Gym also contains a studio for dance and other physical activities. It measures approximately 65 meters with a parquet floor and sound system.

Haim Rubin House:
A new gym that is one of the nicest and most advanced in Israel, air-conditioned, measuring 400 sq. m., parquet floor, and wireless Internet.
The gym is suitable for all kinds of sports except basketball. There are punching bags and 200 sq. m. of Tatami mats for martial arts. A netball court, and sound system for dancing.

Kamag Gym:
An air-conditioned gym with one of the largest strength training facilities in the country, with classes in crossfit and martial arts. The floor is suitable for such activities with 100 sq. m. of Tatami mats, and a section of hard rubber for weight training.
This gym has a sound system and can host all types of camps.
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