Beach Eatery and Dining Hall

Dining Hall:

Included among the variety of services that the Ocean Center offers its guests is food and beverage services.
Guest have access to two food and drink facilities.

The Ocean Center has a dining hall with seating inside and outside on a patio adjacent to an expansive lawn along the seashore.
The dining hall serves kosher meals under the regular kosher supervision of the Hof Hacarmel local authority.

Accommodations at the Ocean Center include half-pension services (breakfast and dinner) as a base plan.
It is, of course, possible and recommended to order three meals or any additional meals or other refreshments.
The dining hall is also appropriate for a traditional religious public who require separate dairy and meat meals.
The Ocean Center kitchen also provides meals for varying levels of events, reservations for which can be made at the Ocean Center, and which can take place either in the indoor dining hall, on the patio, or in the assembly hall overlooking the sea.

Beach Eatery:

During the summer months, the Ocean Center runs an excellent beach eatery located along the seashore.
The beach eatery is intended to provide Ocean Center guests with another pleasant and important attraction that serves as a place to sit and relax opposite the sea while enjoying a variety of products.
The beach eatery is not kosher.

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